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Love Potion #9 Cupcake
  • Love Potion #9 Cupcake
Love Potion #9*
Funfetti cake with a party of decadent sweets on top!

The Love Potion #9 cupcake is an epic Valentines treat bursting with love! It features red and pink YUMfetti cake dressed up in a pretty red foil liner. It's topped with with vanilla buttercream and a tower of love-inspired toppings — a Chocolate Covered Strawberry macaron, red lollipop, wafer cookie dipped in glitter, marshmallow, meringue kiss, white chocolate-dipped pretzel dusted with candy hearts, circus animal cookies, donut holes and a collection of red and pink Valentines candies.

Not available in shops, pre-order for your Valentine today! Available February 13th - 21st
** This is an extra** special cupcake ;)

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