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Hanukkah Macarons - 6 Box

Hanukkah Macarons - 6 Box
  • Hanukkah Macarons - 6 Box
Hanukkah Macarons - 6 Box

Just in time for Hanukkah gift giving, we’ve launched a brand new six pack. Three Salted Caramel macarons and Three Sufgiot inspired ( jelly doughnut) macarons with white chocolate drizzled biscuits, filled with cinnamon-sugar buttercream and a raspberry jam center.

Our macarons are made from scratch daily, with Trophy’s trademark attention to detail and commitment to superb ingredients. Natural, non-GMO almond flour and meringue biscuits are made in small batches and filled with delectables like our award-winning buttercreams, Valrhona chocolate ganache and fresh jam. Trophy macarons make for delightful gifts, dreamy desserts, and delicious everyday treats. And of course, all of our macarons are naturally gluten free. Bon appétit!

Available Nov. 26th - Dec 6th