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32" inch Grande Surprize Cornucopia!

Grand Cornucopia
  • Grand Cornucopia
  • 32" grand cornucopia
  • 32" greannd cornucopia
32" inch Grande Surprize Cornucopia!

This magical 32" Grande Cornucopia holds 15-20 fun surprises and makes a super fun Easter gift! A Surprize Cornucopia is a beautiful paper cone brimming with surprise and special treasures, that's fun for kids and adults alike! 15-20 prizes inside vary and may include: Crown, Confetti Popper, Surprize Ball, Ice Light, Good Fortune Candle, Kazoo, Wish Capsule, 1940's inspired Party Horn, Deluxe Paper Umbrella, Capsule Necklace, Magnet, Vintage-style Toy, Retro Sweet, Fortune, Quote, Gemstone, Fun Jewelry, Coin, Ball on Paddle Game, Sparkler, Fancy Party Ball with Gold Pea Shooter, Celebrate Your Birthday Week & more! 32" Surprize Cornucopia are sold individually. Handmade by artisans in the USA.**Suitable for children over 3 years, small parts.