UW Party Platter
UW Party Platter
16 Mini Cookies • 12 Macarons • 12 Mini Cupcakes • 12 Cupcake Truffles

Step up the celebration game with our "UW Party Platter" - This Purple & Gold adorned platter is packed with Trophy's favorite treats.

Each UW platter boasts a curated mix of flavors, designed to bring our The DAWG in anyone. You'll receive chewy ginger and chocolate chip mini cookies, Milky Way and Lemon Macarons, Chocolate Vanilla and Vanilla Vanilla mini cupcakes and cupcake truffles in our most popular flavors!

Whether you're celebrating acceptance into UW, graduation, a big win or just love UW, this Party Platter is sure to be a hit. Become an instant superstar by having this delivered right to their doorstep (or dorm room)!!

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