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4th of July Perfect Party Platter

4th of July Perfect Party Platter
18 Mini Cookies • 12 Macarons • 12 Mini Cupcakes • 12 Cupcake Truffles

What could be more fun that bite size Trophy treats? How about a platter of them dressed up in Red, White and Blue?! Our 4th of July Perfect Party Platter has all of your Trophy favorites in bite-size portions! You’ll be the hostess with the mostest when you arrive with (or serve) this festive Party Platter 4th of July weekend...and you'll be everyone's BFF when you have it delivered right to their door (or office)!

Each pretty gold platter includes 18 mini cookies (9 chewy ginger and 9 Chocolate Chip, Walnut & Toffee), 12 macarons (Red Velvet, Blueberry Pie and Strawberry Cheesecake) and 12 mini Cupcakes (6 Chocolate Vanilla and 6 Red, White and Blue Yumfetti) and 12 Cupcake Truffles (4 Red, White and Blue Yumfetti, 4 Red Velvet and 4 Cookies and Cream).

*Platter includes 54 delicious bite size treats ~ we recommend 2-3 treats per person, so it’s perfect for 15-30 people or up to 50 if you are serving other treats. The Platter comes with a lid and can be reused with proper care. *Macarons contain Almonds,