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Passover Matzo Sprinkle Crunch

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Passover Matzo Sprinkle Crunch
Caramel • Chocolate • Sprinkles

Just for Passover, our Matzo Sprinkle Crunch is back and sure to make your Seder even sweeter!

It's the ultimate Passover indulgence. We start with gluten-free Matzo, smother it in brown sugar caramel and bittersweet Belgian chocolate...then cover it in rainbow sprinkles! You'll love the yummy toffee, chocolate, sprinkle goodness! Anything with this amount of sprinkles is always a hit!

Did we mention these are Gluten Free? Available April 14th-April 23rd Each package contains 8 oz of Matzo Sprinkle Crunch, serves ~4.

* Trophy is not a kosher bakery so these are as Passover Friendly as one can get without being a kosher bakery. Our Passover treats do not contain any grains, leavening agents, flour, nor any nuts!