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Vegan Thin Mint Cupcake
  • Vegan Thin Mint Cupcake
  • Vegan Thin Mint Cupcake
Vegan Thin Mint*
Chocolate • Mint • Courage

When we heard Girl Scout Thin Mints were vegan, we could not resist making a vegan Thin Mint cupcake! This delicious new flavor is a spin off our our original Thin Mint cupcake and starts with a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie baked into the bottom of our vegan Valrhona Chocolate cake! It's filled with delicious vegan mint “buttercream” and dipped in vegan chocolate ganache that's topped with festive vegan sprinkles!
Available every day in March!

Every year we support local Girl Scouts by donating to GSWW and by purchasing loads of Thin Mint Cookies from local Girl Scout Troops to make our Thin Mint Cupcakes!
Click here to find a Girl Scout cookie seller near you!

* We are not a certified vegan bakery, but we have taken great care to be certain that each and every ingredient in our vegan cupcakes are indeed vegan - from the sugar to the chocolate, all the way to the sprinkles.

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