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soft serve!

Soft Serve just so happens to be one of our all time favorite treats!

Exclusively at our University Village location!

Our Magical Soft Serve is all natural Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean, and we think it's the yummiest soft serve EVER. Enjoy it as-is, or with a bevy of super yummy toppings like macarons, rainbow sprinkles, crushed Oreos, toasted coconut, caramel sauce, Fruity Pebbles, house made “magic shell”, green tea powder, donut holes, cotton candy, and even a Trophy Cupcake! Create your own masterpiece, like a Cupcakes Sundae made with your favorite cupcake and toppings, or try our one of our specialty “Trophy Cones”…like our Yumfetti Cone; topped with our signature Yumfetti sprinkles, pastel candy coated chocolate drops, frosted animal cookies and a HALO of sparkling cotton candy!