Our online collection of cakes require a three day lead time. Please order online by 5 pm three days prior to your pick up or delivery date. Place your order here for pick up at one of our locations or delivery right to your door. *Be sure to pick up your cake at least 5 hours prior to your event so it has time to come to room temperature. **Cakes served too cold and even cool are not tender and delicious.

Most of our cupcake flavors are available as a cake, with a few exceptions. If you do not see the flavor you are looking for online, please give our Celebrations Team a call as soon as possible (at least five days in advance) and they will be happy to help you with a custom order. 206-632-7020

Our on-line cakes must be ordered by 5pm three days prior to your delivery or pick up date. If you are trying to order within three days or would like to inquire about which "Everyday Party Cakes" we might have available, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Celebrations Team 206-632-7020

Yes! We have several gluten-free cakes in our online catalog, as well as our Chocolate Vegan Party Cake. If you don't see what you'd like, give our Celebrations Team a call at least five days in advance to discuss custom gluten free and vegan options. 206-632-7020

Some of our cakes have decorations that are not gluten-free. For example our Magic Cakes all have treats on top that contain gluten. However, our Celebrations Team would be happy to place a custom order so that you can get the style you would like without the gluten :) Give us a call for details 206-632-7020.


Yes! We offer local delivery to the greater Seattle area. Check to see if you are "IN THE ZONE" here __________. Delivery is $25 (plus tax) within our specified zone with an open delivery window of 10am to 4pm. If you need a specific delivery time or are outside of our zone and would like to inquire about pricing, please call 206-632-7020 and we would be happy to help.

Some of our locations offer same day party cakes. We do sell out quickly, so we recommend calling our Celebrations Team to find out what we have available today! 206-632-7020

Your cake will be cold upon pick up and will need at least 5 hours to come to room temperature. If your event is in the afternoon or evening, schedule your cake for pick up that morning. Place your cake on a flat surface in your car where it will not slide (we like the floorboard best), and drive carefully. Since your cake will be cold at pick up, that will help it travel without getting damaged. Never leave your cake in a hot car, the buttercream will melt immediately and everyone will be sad. Once you are to your destination, place the cake in room about 70 degrees and bring to room temperature. This could take up to 5 hours. If your event is in the morning, or it is more convenient for you, we suggest picking up the day prior and leaving your cake at room temperature overnight (no warmer than 70 degrees), it will be perfect when you slice it in the morning. Yes, we eat cake for breakfast around here! Or, refrigerate overnight, take it out in the morning and it will be ready to serve by the afternoon/evening. ** Be sure your cake is stored in a spot away from cats, dogs and other pets...we have stories!

At this time we are not shipping our cakes, but we hope to soon!


Although we do not offer tiered wedding cakes, we do offer beautiful five layer 6" cakes, from simple smooth frosted cakes, perfect adding your own flowers or decorations, to elaborate designs with buttercream flowers, sparkly sugars and hand piped monograms. Our 6" cakes are the perfect cutting cake atop a cupcake tower, or as part of a Trophy Dessert Bar with mini cupcakes, a macaron tower other bite size treats. From luxe formal affairs to casual cocktail receptions. We invite you to explore the wedding section of our website and connect with our Celebrations Team to help you plan the perfect day. 206-632-7020

Yes! We offer cupcakes, macarons, Party Platters and party supplies that compliment our cakes perfectly!

We appreciate as much notice as possible for custom and larger orders. Our minimum lead time is five days, however for larger events we request at least two weeks notice to be sure we can accommodate your order. *please note that some holidays and busy times of year do get booked solid more than two weeks in advance.


Of course! If you can dream it, Trophy can bake it. We love the challenge of creating one-of-a kind cake unique to your event theme. Our Celebrations Team and Decorators can work with any party theme, match any color, add your logo, or create a unique pattern. For example, we offer buttercream tinting, sprinkles in every color of the rainbow, all kinds of sugar toppers, hand piping – even photo quality printed images. Some custom orders may require up to two weeks’ advance notice, depending on the intricacy of your design. All custom orders require a minimum of 5 days notice. To discuss the possibilities, fill out our custom order form or call our amazing Celebrations Team at 206-632-7020

Yes! We can either hand pipe a logo for you in buttercream or use our fancy high tech printer to create a photo-perfect image on edible paper that then gets placed on buttercream. Photo cakes will wow your friends and colleagues and are perfect for product launches, company parties and client gifts. Call our Celebrations team to find out more about our custom logo cupcakes. 206-632-7020

No, we are buttercream loyalists and do not use fondant on our cakes. Most design ideas can be hand piped to create a look that is very similar and tastes delicious. If you'd like to inquire about a custom order please call at least five days prior to your event 206-632-7020

No, at this time we do not offer tiered cakes. We do love the look of our 6" cakes on the top tier of a tiered cake stand with bites size treats beneath.


It is very important that you let your cake sit at room temperature for at least 5 hours prior to serving. Our style of cakes can taste dense, dry and crumbly if they are served too cold...and no one wants that! Your cake will be cold upon pick up and delivery, so please be sure to plan accordingly and let your cake warm up for the the delicious flavor Trophy is known for. ** Kindly note- Never leave cakes in a hot room or car and never leave in direct sunlight.

If you have ordered your cake a day or two before you are serving it, keep it in the refrigerator in the box. Plan on removing it at least 5 hours before serving it so it has plenty of time to come to room temperature. Cold cake often tastes dense and dry, so it is very important it has enough time to reach room temperature. If you have left over cake, it can be left at room temperature in an airtight container, or you can refrigerate it in an airtight container. Bring to room temperature before enjoying the rest.

It all depends on how you slice it! If you cut your cake in traditional slices you can get 10-12 thin slices. If you use the "cater-cut" method, you can get 18 slices from your 6" cake. Watch our video below to see how easy it is.

First, be sure your cake is at room temperature, this will take about 5 hours from pick-up or out of the fridge. Next, get a cake knife or a larger sturdy knife, place the knife in a container of hot water to get the blade warm (you can also use a hot, damp kitchen towel). Have your plates and a kitchen towel handy. Decide what cutting method you will use, traditional slices, or catering style. (see the previous FAQ and your video below). Begin slicing your cake, dipping it in the hot water and wiping clean before each cut- trust us, the clean cuts are so worth it :) ENJOY!


Yes! Check our daily flavors to see our daily gluten-free cupcake line up. All our macarons are made with almond flour and are naturally gluten free, and we offer gluten free cakes!

Yes! All or our macarons are made with almond flour and are naturally gluten free!

No, we are not. However, we do our best to prevent cross contamination in our bakery and in our shops.

Yes! we just launched our first vegan cupcake in 2019! Please see our individual cupcakes page for more information

No, we are not. However, we are committed to ensuring that all ingredients in our vegan cupcakes are egg and dairy free, and indeed vegan.

Although we do not use or serve peanuts or peanut products in our bakery or shops, we are not a nut-free bakery. We use almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and other tree nuts in many of our treats.*please note that although we do not use peanuts in our bakery, some ingredients we use may come from facilities that do.


Our Founder and CEO, Jennifer Shea, offers three cupcake classes on Craftsy.com. From time to time Trophy offers cake decorating and baking classes in one of our locations. subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media for event updates.

Slice a 6" Cake With Us

*Trophy Tip! You can get 18 nice slices out of a 6" cake if you use the "cater-cut" method!