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Passover 6 Pack
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Passover 6 Pack
3 Star of David Topped Cupcakes • 3 Matzo Sprinkle Crunch Topped Cupcakes

Just for Passover, we’re launching a new flourless, leavening agent free cupcake that’s here to make your Seder even sweeter!

Yes, we’ve mastered the ultimate Passover cupcake and yes you’ve read that correctly.

We start with a Chocolate Decadence cupcake made with delectable dark Callebaut chocolate. The fudgy decadence cupcake is then topped with a cloud of meringue frosting that is oh so dreamy. Our Passover Cupcakes are crowned with either a Star of David sugar topper or with our house-made Matzo Sprinkle Crunch. Oh and they come dressed for the holiday with a dusting of edible gold. How fancy!

Did we mention these are Gluten Free? Available March. 27th-April 4th

* Trophy is not a kosher bakery so these are as Passover Friendly as one can get without being a kosher bakery. The Passover Cupcakes do not contain any grains, leavening agents, flour, nor any nuts!